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CBD Drops

Choose from 3 different types of CBD drops:

CBD Oil 5% contains CBD and CBDa extract. The oil is full spectrum as it has gone through a gentle manufacturing process (CO2 extract) which means that there is more plant material and thus nutrients in it. Content: 10 ml

Sana Hemp Drops contain 100% raw Sana Hemp juice powder. This means the drops are water soluble and can be taken directly under the tongue or dipped in drink or food. Since the powder is raw, it contains the most CBDa, as well as a lot of other nutrients that increase the absorption and action of cannabis. Content: 30 ml

Raw CBD + CBDa Oil 2.5% contains the best of both worlds as there is both CBD oil extract in the product and Raw Sana Hemp juice powder. With this Raw oil you are well covered with the widest range of nutrients that guarantee an efficient absorption and effect. Content: 10 ml

CBD Drops and Driving: All our CBD Drops are free of THC

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